Thank you to Federation Business School Commerce Ballarat Business Excellence Awards and Ballarat Volkswagen for their sponsorship of the Professional Service Business Award.

Congratulations to Slater & Gordon and Black Iron Technology Group. Being a finalist communicates the professional services you provide – well done!

In 1993 I ventured into the unknown world of Small Business Enterprise; I had little or no idea what was ahead of me. 26 years later it is with pride that I stand here before my peers as a Small Business Owner who has not only survived in a competitive environment but has contributed to the progression and sustainability of many other businesses.

A strong and vibrant business must by default embrace a whole of community approach. This strengthens the development of business and community connections, employment and a stronger business economy for where we work, live and raise our families; there cannot be division between the two.

I would like to thank my team for their loyalty and dedication not only to my business but to our clients who have entrusted us with theirs. Our corporate vision of Relationships, Integrity, Quality and Innovation is the foundation by which we operate and is reflected in their level of professionalism.

As a Small Business Enterprise, we understand the ebbs, flows and unpredictability of being a business operator in an ever changing climate. We have developed strong and enduring relationships that have stood the test of time – and for some of our clients, for generations.

To Jodie and the team at Commerce Ballarat. You manage to ‘up the ante’ every year and make this event better and better. Your contribution to the Ballarat community is immense!

Thank you to Bob O’Shea and Diane Gibney for their support as judges for their time and dedication to this business event.

To the talented Susan Cowie from Ad Media Ballarat for capturing the essence and excitement of the awards and showcasing Ballarat businesses.

And finally, to my wife Lindy, whose support, encouragement and belief in me over the decades has been like a guiding light (as well as the odd kick in the bum). Her creative ideas and endless energy have added dimensions to our business I would never have considered.


Chris PackerComment