We enjoy connecting and collaborating with business entities and networks who can assist us and our clients in aspects of their business.


Belinda Fyffe - Unlock Success


Belinda Fyffe is the Managing Director of Unlock Success, Senior Associate of Leadership at Work, and a member of the HR Coach Network.
Belinda’s experience and expertise is in the many faceted field of Human Resources (HR). Covering the whole life cycle of an employee from recruitment (training you how to do it well) through induction, performance reviews, training, disciplinary action and termination of employment – Belinda can help you through her outsourced HR Manager Service.
Belinda has experience in industrial relations – Fair Work and Award interpretation, contracts of employment, all employment compliance paperwork, training, and performance management.
With senior management experience in industries such as retail, manufacturing and local government, Belinda is known for creating positive change and results. The ability to make a difference has permeated Belinda’s career.
As an Associate of Leadership at Work, Belinda

assists organisations and individuals to learn leadership and management skills; Leadership at Work is built on the vision of ‘Positively shaping organisations and peoples work lives’. As such it has a practical, hands-on approach to equip participants with tools to take back to the workplace and implement immediately. Positive change is positioning organisations for the challenges of the future.
Previously Belinda has been heavily involved in coaching and training, financial planning and forecasting, business strategy and direction setting. Belinda is always looking for a new challenge, where to best put her efforts to help achieve the outcomes businesses need.
Through her business, Unlock Success and Leadership at Work, Belinda is able to help more businesses succeed. Innovative, individual solutions to clients; through linking employee performance to profit, can really unlock any businesses success.


“Belinda’s knowledge and experience in HR is an invaluable asset. Belinda makes the complex world of HR comprehendible. We highly recommend her.”

Chris Packer, Director - Chris Packer & Associates


Peter Kervarec - Ballarat Photography


Peter Kervarec is a renowned Ballarat photographer whose skills in wedding photography, commercial imagery and unique landscapes is well known and respected. Chris Packer & Associates had no hesitation in commissioning Peter as the photographer for their website to produce what we knew would capture the essence of who we are and how we want to be portrayed.
Peter’s unique style is depicted in the depth and creativity of his photography and is evidenced not only in the diversity of his clients but also the subject matter and scope of photography captured.
Peter’s professionalism and dedication for what he does and his sense of humility results in those feeling an immediate

feeling of ease, a skill developed by over 30 years in the industry.
Peter’s landscape photography is his favourite non-commissioned work, especially night photography. Most of these images are available in galleries; MacArthur Frameworks in Sturt St Ballarat is Peter’s main display gallery.
Peter’s all-time favourite photography is illustrative photography that perfectly illustrates a client’s brief! There is nothing more powerful than a great image - it doesn't need words, it self describes, it gets attention and it sells for you!
You can contact Peter on: 0417 052 128  or


“Peter is a true gentleman and we are fortunate that our paths have crossed”

Chris Packer would particularly like to commend Peter for his work within the community and for supporting many community projects.


Robert J. Re & Associates


After a ten-year career in senior HR management, Robert Re commenced his consulting business Leadership At Work in 1987. Concentrating on leadership, management, and organisational development, Robert has developed a range of programs to bring about organisational change and improvement.
Robert has drawn on his vast experience working with CEOs and senior executives to understand the crucial link between great leadership and culture, to staff engagement and organisational effectiveness. Robert has a long and successful history working across industries including manufacturing, dairy processing transport, supply chain, and health care.

He works with organisations and companies on various organisational improvement assignments, predominately aimed at lifting the level of engagement and discretionary effort the employees bring to their roles.
Robert is also a published author of the book Leadership At Work – Letting the Apes Go Free. The book is a culmination of his more than thirty years’ experience, and covers the essentials of leadership and management practice. The book explores common sense tools and techniques to bring about organisational improvement. If you would like to know more about the book, or order a copy, you can contact us.

M: 0418 518 667

Rob Re New.jpg

“Robert’s knowledge of human behaviour and organisational development complements our strategic directions. Robert’s expertise and mentoring style lends to energetic discussions and actions to achieve success.”

Chris Packer, Director - Chris Packer & Associates


Eliza Steele - That’s My Jam Creative


Hey... I’m Eliza, the owner and creative force behind That’s My Jam Creative. My business mantra is to live an integrated lifestyle, where work aligns with purpose. For over 14 years, I've worked for some major international brands in the fashion and branded product space. This experience has seen me travel the world for inspiration, make small brands BIG and launch a non existent brand from nothing to becoming an international success…
Given all this knowledge & some excellent advice from an inspiring coach, I'm now flying solo with my own branding business. Now that's got me feeling really aligned with purpose! I'm here for you, my ideal client, presenting my talents to you... it's where I find my flow.

If you feeling like your business needs a kickstart, facelift or complete overhaul, I can offer you specialised branding strategies and packages to transform frustration into considered solutions.
Authenticity is something I hold near and dear- it’s the basis of what sets you apart from the pack, avoiding the mundane and leaving ‘same same’ mentality at the door. You get one chance to make an impression, why waste it?
I’m your go-to-girl for clear, confident creativity… here to support your business with brand experiences that show up and convert. If you'd like to book a one on one session with me to jump start your branding, website or marketing strategy, drop me a line here.


“Eliza’s style is fresh, innovative and exciting. Eliza is able to capture the essence of her client’s business ideas & presents this in an engaging, modern & creative way.”

Chris Packer, Director - Chris Packer & Associates


Adam Tattersall - K9 Methods


Adam’s career and experience in the Information Technology industry spans over 23 years encompassing telecommunication and other office equipment/systems that are integral in virtually every small and large enterprise.
Adam identified that there was a distinctive gap in the language exchanged between customers and suppliers of technology and that ‘technology gurus’ spoke a language of their own. This frequently resulted in a loss of time and money and purchase of unnecessary or ineffective hardware & software.
Business owners and managers are expected to understand the fast-paced world of technology and make decisions that will benefit their enterprise, increase productivity and operational efficiencies; remember technology is in the top four costs of running a business.
People start a business because they are great at what they do often end up

frustrated with time spent in areas beyond their expertise. For example, you might be a lawyer. As your business grows you find yourself spending more and more time running the business and not practicing law and after a while you forget why you got into business in the first place.
This is why Adam created K9 Methods: Trust – Loyalty – Protection based on the methods of a K9 (dog). I can be your trusted advisor, loyal to you and also protect your business.
Adam is not affiliated with any other technology companies. He does not sell hardware or software or even service it. However, he does have the industry experience and knowledge to advise and guide you to ensure you are getting what is needed at the right price and providing ongoing support as your business requires.
Please reach out via:

“K9 Methods are an invaluable resource to our business. Adam is a trusted ‘independent’ advisor of IT & telecommunication systems needed to manage the IT aspects of our business effectively.”

Chris Packer, Director - Chris Packer & Associates