A Time For Change $6,000 Raised For Local Organisation WRISC

On 2nd May our community came together to support some of the most vulnerable amongst us – those affected by domestic violence. Whilst the evening was an overwhelming success with $6,000 being raised to support our local organisation WRISC, it was the attendance and generous contributions of so many businesses and community members that we found most inspiring.

Community Connections – A Time For Change was the theme of the evening and this was truly evident with the donation of goods and services and the attendance of 120 like-minded individuals who genuinely care for those at risk and whom collectively, can and do make a difference.

On 25th July, we had the pleasure to present a cheque for $6,000 from money raised.

The photo shows Chris Packer from our Practice presenting the cheque to WRISC representatives Libby Jewson (Executive Officer),  Anita Koelle (Business Manager) and Alison Crofts (Communications Officer).

Lindy Packer